What is selective service, 2. 885, enacted September 16, 1940 What is selective service, 2. 885, enacted September 16, 1940, [1] was the first peacetime conscription in United States history. federal jobs. Since enforcement of the criminal penalties for knowing and wilful refusal to register with the Selective Service System (SSS) was abandoned in the late 1980s, and the Federal law that required men to register with the SSS to be eligible for Federal financial aid for higher education was who was born after December 31, 1959, and is or was required to register under section 3 of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U. 21 Selective Service Law. Member of reserve component or student taking military training I-H: Registrant not currently subject to processing for induction I-0. 75) from the Selective Service System, which summarizes your status with the Selective Service. An army of this Online Address Change Form. . States with optional DLL allow men 18-25 to opt in or out of having their information transferred to Selective Service Selective Service registration is a condition for Federal government jobs, and many states have laws that make registration a condition for state government jobs, state student aid, or other state programs. This includes H1-B holders who haven’t adjusted their status yet, and also J-1 visa holders who are usually PhD students who also Selective compulsory service — In many conscription systems, the selection of recruits is random or lottery-driven. students about the Selective Service System. The SSS operates at low cost; it ensures that a future draft will be fair and equitable; and it can respond to the Nation’s needs for manpower in a timely manner. If the draft is reinstated, those who have filed with the Selective Service can officially record their objections or To obtain Selective Service information for men born before 1960, print, complete, and mail form to: National Archives & Records Administration. In this chapter we discuss that match and the registration requirement. Title I of the Act is classified principally to this chapter. For women to be required to register with Selective Service, Congress would have to amend the law. In the event of a national emergency, the President of the United States can order males Call Selective Service to get more information on this process or to learn how to start it. Under the act, approximately 24 million men registered for the draft. The military says it doesn’t need a military draft now, but wants to keep it as an option in case there is a war Draft Registration, Draft Resistance, and Selective Service. Plant. The officer may request for the applicant to submit a status information letter and registration acknowledgement card before concluding that he failed to register. Every man who is registered with the Selective Service System will receive a registration acknowledgement letter with a registration card in the mail from Selective Service within 90 days of registering. An army of this The Draft and WWII. If records are found, you will receive an invoice for payment from NARA. 453), provides that male citizens of the United States and other male persons residing in the United States who are between the ages of 18 and 26, except those exempted by Sections 3 and 6(a) of the Military Selective Service Act (50 U. Box 38757. Contact us. 8 million men into the armed forces over the next two years and abolished the much maligned bounty system. vɪs / us / səˈlek. ATTN: SIL. It’s important to begin the process as soon as possible after turning 18. 76) was the first act mandating American military service since the Civil War. Armed Forces in a national emergency. Act was comprised of titles I and II, prior to repeal of title II by act Aug. If you have a Selective Service number, you were required by law to register with the Selective Service within 30 days of your 18th birthday. USAJOBS does not collect this information, but you might be asked later in the application process or during onboarding if you are registered or to show that you’re exempt. citizens and male permanent resident aliens, ages 18 through 25, are required to register with the SSS. Box 94638 Palatine, IL 60094-4638. Words importing the singular number A Selective Service local board is a group of citizen volunteers whose mission, during a draft, would be to decide who among the registrants in their community would receive deferments, postponements, or exemption from military service based on the individual registrant’s circumstances and beliefs. the system in the US in which men aged 18-26 must put their names on an official list so that they can Selective Service System. Selective Service. Failing to do so by age 26 is a felony and can result in a number Last year, Congress appeared on the precipice of making women register with what's formally called the Selective Service System, but the idea was dropped from the defense policy bill signed into Selective Service System was created as an independent agency with a Director responsible to the President. Conscientious objector available for civilian work contributing to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest I-S Student deferred by statute (High School) I-Y If for whatever reason you are unable to find your Selective Service registration number, call the Selective Service System's registration information line at 847-688-6888. The Selective Service System (SSS) is an independent agency of the United States government that maintains information on U. Governors were responsible for administering Selective Service laws within their state; functions were then delegated to the State Director. While there is not currently a draft in place and the American military is all-volunteer, young men are still required by law to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Military service in the Selective Service’s mission is to register virtually all men residing in the United States. vɪs / Add to word list. Reports. If you can't find the card, you can use the Selective Service's online database to access your number. References. That agency, NOT the Selective Service System, will make the final determination regarding your eligibility. The Selective Service System (SSS) is a proven way to expand the U. Men are no longer required to notify Selective Service of address changes once they are 26 years old or older. In April 1917, before the act's passage, there were only 110,000 servicemen who could be deployed if America joined the war then raging in Europe. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. The Supreme Court. All male U. Male Selective Service System, independent federal agency in the United States created to administer the military draft nationwide to conscript troops quickly in the event Why is Selective Service Important? The Selective Service System and the registration requirement for America’s young men provide our Nation with a structure and a system The Selective service System is an independent agency within the Executive Branch of the U. S. Starting with the 2021-22 FAFSA, the Selective Service question remained on the application, but schools were instructed to ignore it and distribute financial aid regardless of registration status. The term Selective Service Law in- cludes the Military Selective Service Act, all rules and regulations issued thereunder, and Proclamations of the President pertaining to registration under that Act. e. The Selective Service System definition: the U. Selective Service System ATTN: SIL P. 31, 1959, who are 18 but not yet 26 years old, except as noted below: Registering with the Selective Service isn’t your only civic responsibility, learn more about voter registration in your state. St. If a draft is ever needed, the process must be fair, and that fairness depends on having all The Selective Service System is a federal database of people who are eligible to be drafted into the military. between the ages of 21 and 30 to register for military Today all young men are still required to register with the federal Selective Service when they turn 18 or within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Selective Service accepts late registrations up until a man reaches his 26 th birthday. Email: stl. The requirement to register with Selective Service was reinstated in 1980 but only for men born January 1, 1960, or later. The Selective Service Act, signed by Pres. Will there be a military draft in the U. Driver’s License: There are two forms of DLL, optional and automatic. What is the Selective Service System (SSS)? The Selective Service System (SSS) is a Federal government agency that plans and prepares to draft people into the U. Selective Service Act of 1917. Selective Service registration processing takes 1 to 2 months. The constitutionality of excluding women was tested in the courts. 641. Therefore, registering for the Selective Service System does not mean you are joining the military. The altered video surfaced on Facebook and TikTok To that end, Congress passed the Selective Service Act, which Wilson signed into law on May 18, 1917. Many men still required to register with Selective Service would be exempt from being drafted for military service. residents potentially subject to military conscription (i. Federal Government. Even conscientious objectors and disabled men are required to register. The selective service is not the same thing as being drafted into the military, but rather a federal agency that would call on young men and women if there was ever a military draft in the U. Writer Bio. To that end, Congress passed the Selective Service Act, which Wilson signed into law on May 18, 1917. The Central Processing System (CPS) performs a match with Selective Service to confirm a student’s registration status. The Selective Service Act of 1917 (P. The act eventually required all men between the ages of 21 to 45 to register for military service. Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News. The lessons are designed to be used in both history and civics classes for students in grade 9 or higher. Beyond federal aid, though, you still must register with Selective Service if you’re not in an exempt group listed earlier. On September 16, 1940, the United States instituted the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, which required all men between the ages of 21 and 45 to register for the draft. For those whose birthday is called, they would then be required to show up for registration into the US military. Learn how to register, check your registration, and get proof that you The selective service is a government bureau separate from the Defense Department whose mission statement is: "To register men and maintain a system that, when authorized by the President and Selective Service System is a federal agency that requires nearly all male US citizens and male immigrants, 18 through 25, to register with it to ensure operational Almost all male US citizens and male immigrants, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. But not all states have such laws, and not all draft-age men go to college, apply for state student aid, or plan to work for Federal, state The Selective Service maintains a list of names in case there is a national emergency requiring rapid expansion of the armed forces. See more. If no record is found and noun [ U ] US uk / sɪˌlek. military. Please refrain from pressing any numbers, and an operator will soon come on the line to assist you. Those who were selected from the draft lottery were required to serve at least one Selective Service law as it’s written now refers specifically to “male persons” in stating who must register and who would be drafted. While the above categories of immigrants need to register with the Selective Service, others are not required to. citizens and male immigrants residing in th e United States who are 18 through 25 years of age. ATTN: RL-SL. SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM. On May 18, 1917, Congress passed the Selective Service Act, which authorized the Federal Government to temporarily expand the military through conscription. those who are in the United States on a temporary visa. ? Maybe. citizens born after Dec. Learn More. Selective Service Acts. Ordained ministers and men with physical disabilities, for example, must register. If you do not receive a card within that time frame, contact the SSS. The Selective Service system exists to collect information about people in the United States who could be forced to join the military in the case of a draft. They can be used by public and private high schools, and homeschoolers and co-ops, as well as by anyone interested in learning more about the Selective Service. Hours of operation: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday, except on federal holidays. tɪv ˈsɜː. Registration is the only mission component that is publicly visible provided: Section 3 of the Military Selective Service Act, as amended (50 U. App. The law mandates that every male male in the US Selective Service assigns a number to each person who registers. P. Category Yes No All male U. The progressive application of Selective service definition, compulsory military service. In the meantime, I The meaning of SELECTIVE SERVICE is a system under which men are called up for military service : draft. § 1602. Selective Service or has knowingly and willfully failed to register during the statutory period. Failure to register is a felony and non-registrants may be denied the following benefits for life: State-based student loans and grant programs in 31 states. 625, 62 Stat. Woodrow Wilson on May 18, 1917, created the Selective Service System, which managed the induction of some 2. Selective service is not part of the What is Selective Service registration? What is the penalty for not registering? I registered over a month ago and still haven't received proof of registration. The Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, also known as the Burke–Wadsworth Act, Pub. Directions. Selective Service - Who Must Register NOTE: With only a few exceptions, the registration requirement applies to all male U. (a), is act June 24, 1948, ch. Exemption Documents Print Form. It is a requirement in the United States that all males between the ages of 18 and 25 register for the Selective Service, whether or not they Selective Service. 22 Singular and plural. Louis, MO 63138-0757. 453 and 456(a)), First, you must request a “Status Information Letter” (see PG. Palatine, IL 60094-4638. Verify Registration | Selective Service System : Selective Service System. O. S (there hasn’t been a mandatory draft since the 1970s). 453); and (2) who is not so registered or knowingly and willfully did not so register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable to the individual,. law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. gov. citizens and other U. Learn how to check your registration, look up your number, and get proof that you registered. citizens and male An aggrieved employer, employee or trade union will have the right to appeal the decision or direction of a National Selective Service officer. Since January 1, 1960, federal law has required most male U. archives@nara. If you’re a young man, age 18 through 25, the law requires you to notify the Selective Service System of an address change within 10 days, up until January 1st of the year you turn 26 years old. Otherwise, as we’re about to see, you could face severe legal consequences. A history of the Selective Service System in the United States, also known as “the draft,” can be seen on the government agency's website. C. Your call will be answered by an automated voice processing system. On paper, it's a crime to "knowingly fail or neglect or refuse" to register for the draft. L. The penalty is up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine . Please complete the form with current and accurate information. You can also call us at 847-688-6888 to request a SIL. The Selective Service System is used to register young men for a potential future armed service draft. from the Selective Service System, and a separate letter in which you explain, to the best of your ability, the reasons for your failure to register to the agency administering the right, benefit, or privilege. It’s important to know that even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be The Selective Service System is an independent federal agency that has been a distinguished part of America’s history for over a century, spanning eras of conflict and peacetime. federal agency that facilitates the mobilization of military forces by requiring the registration of males between the ages of 18 and 26 The Selective Service System (SSS) is a United States federal agency that manages the draft registration for the U. Call them at 1-847-688-6888. According to the Selective Service System's website, a draft is lottery-based and would begin with those who are 20 years old by selecting birthdates at random. (SSS) The Selective Service System provides the Department of Defense personnel in the event of a national emergency. Last year, Selective Service referred Selective Service. L. To obtain a copy of a WWII though Vietnam era (men born April 28, 1877 to March 28, 1957), Selective Service Record, please complete the Selective Service Request Form and. Once you have been successfully registered, the government will mail you a Selective Service Registration Card. Second, send this letter along with a detailed “explanation letter” stating in under the Selective Service Law. Adam P. Title II of the Act was classified to the Articles of The most current legislation linked to Selective Service registration are driver’s license legislation (DLL) and Solomon- and Thurmond-like legislation. 76–783, 54 Stat. between the ages of 21 and 30 to register for military The Selective Service System (SSS) is a United States federal agency that manages the draft registration for the U. Initially targeting male. t̬ɪv ˈsɝː. 1041, §53, 70A Stat. Local boards, composed of citizens in each community, selected men for induction based on The Selective Service System, under the office of the Provost Marshal General, was responsible for the process of selecting men for induction into the military service, from the initial registration to the actual delivery of men to military training camps. This was the first peacetime draft in United States' history. This includes mainly non-immigrants, i. Your number is on the registration card that was sent to you by mail shortly after you registered. Selective Service System. 10, 1956, ch. The Selective Service System was one of "supervised decentralization. Box 94638. You can find this information by calling the Selective Service registration information line at 1-847-688-6888 or at the Selective Service System website. National Archives – Saint Louis. Record Request Form. SIL Request Form. " The Military Selective Service Act, referred to in subsec. 604. Any male required to register with Selective Service at any time must have done so to receive federal student aid. Register for Selective Service (the draft) The Selective Service program sets up a fair way to register eligible men for military service. However, if called for draft examination they would be exempted from service. According to U. This is proof of your registration and can be used when applying for: state-based aid in 31 states. , the draft) and carries out contingency planning and preparations for two types of See more Selective Service is a program that sets up a fair way to register eligible men for military service. 65-12, 40 Stat. The act required all men in the U. Conscientious objectors also are exempt from military training Health Service I-D. Call: 847-688-6888 or toll-free: 888-655-1825. In selective compulsory systems, however, candidates are deliberately chosen and called into service only to meet a particular area of need (for instance, medical personnel, mechanics, or pilots). citizens and lawful permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 25 and living in the United States to register with the U. An example would be if a draft occurred in 2022, those who were born in Both changes shorten the FAFSA application process and potentially allow more students to qualify for financial aid.

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